Archeos and Elyn Zimmerman

Three years ago we commissioned Elyn Zimmerman to create a site-specific work at The Falls, our home in Litchfield County, Connecticut. In 2007, she completed and installed the work, Archeos 2005.



The story of
Archeos 2005 is one of how an artist conceives a work of art and then brings it to fruition. It also illustrates the opportunities and challenges of having an outdoor artwork complement and enhance its surroundings.

Elyn is well known for site-specific projects she has created around the world. She is perhaps best known for her use of stone, often in association with water and landscape elements. Born in Philadelphia and educated at UCLA, Elyn is a resident of New York City, Rockland County, New York, and Ojai, California.

The 15-minute video that follows attempts to flesh out the story of Archeos 2005. It addresses these questions, among others, of how the artist:

Selects the site?
Copes with a sloping terrain?
Relates the sculpture to the landscape?
Relates the sculpture to the waterfall?
Relates the imported to the indigenous stone?

I hope you enjoy it.

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